Ten Things to Do With Everyday Oil

Sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones. Case in point: Everyday Oil. They’re not trying to revolutionise the beauty industry. They don’t make outlandish claims or have glossy campaigns. But their humble, down-to-earth approach has seen them gain traction in The New York Times and Vogue, and attract fans from Maggie Gyllenhaal to Goop.

Based in the tiny town of Black Mountain, North Carolina, the brand was founded by Emma Allen purely because what she needed didn’t exist. After years of hand making cold-pressed oil blends for personal use, she began to bottle the stuff. And the result is liquid gold that resonates worldwide.

Everyday Oil has just two products. The Mainstay Blend features a mix of coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, jojoba, and castor oil with the addition of a heavenly bouquet of essential oils: palo santo, lavender, geranium, and clary sage. The Unscented Blend is the same, without the essential oils. That’s it.

Part of the success of the oils is their versatility. They can be used anywhere and everywhere—on the face, over the body, and in the hair. We asked Allen to share ten of her favourite everyday uses for Everyday Oil.

1. As an oil cleanser.

2. Make-up remover.

3. Beard oil (it’s anti-microbial!).

4. After-sun oil.

5. After surf and swim. Perfect for your hydrating your face when it’s all dried out from salty water; I love that it allows me to go from surfing straight to eat without rinsing.

6. To help heal new tattoos.

7. Massage oil.

8. On the ends of your hair.

9. In your ears (!).

10. And as a personal lubricant ❤

You can find our more about Everyday Oil here and follow them on Instagram. Photography and words by Really Well.

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