Photographer Victoria Zschommler Pays Homage to Flowers & Nature

Australian photographer Victoria Zschommler is based between Australia, France, and the UK. Her work has appeared in the glossy pages of Vogue Italia, Vogue Ukraine, AnOther, and Vanity Fair France and her artful eye for beauty, fashion, and still life has seen her work with brands including Burberry, Paco Rabanne, and H&M.

Her latest body of work turns to a humble, unassuming subject for inspiration: nature. The series of images were created in collaboration with florist Lottie Phillips, with the organic subject matter lending itself to a cheerful reflection on changing states—such as the impermanence of time. The photographs will be exhibited at Melbourne gallery At the above, displayed alongside Phillips’ real-life floral arrangements.

We caught up with Zschommler ahead of her ‘About a Day (Diurnal Rhythms)’ show opening next week.

What drew you to the subject matter of flowers and nature?
I photograph a broad range of subjects in my day-to-day for luxury beauty, fashion, and interior brands. When it comes to my personal work I like to steer clear of all this and concentrate on the things I care about. Natural matter and flowers fall into that. I love the personality a flower can bring to an image!

Where did you take the photos?
The series was produced over a period of a year in varied locations. The images in the landscape setting were photographed on the Mornington Peninsula, specifically for the access to the vibrant coloured rocks. The rest were shot in home studio set-ups and also in At the above, tying back to the exhibition space.

How did you meet Lottie Phillips? What do you love about her work?
Lottie is a close friend and a very clever, creative florist. The shoot process was very collaborative; she understood my direction and took it to the perfect place.

What is your favourite flower and why?
That’s like choosing a favourite child, no?! There are too many to say, but I’m a big fan of the coloured poppy. I love the way it starts off so ugly, furry and wonky, then grows into the most delicate wash of pastel hues with paper-thin crinkled petals.

Can you tell us a bit about your personal connection to nature?
I love to be outdoors in nature. I camp and explore in my downtime, and am totally at peace during that time. It’s during these moments of clarity that I do my best creative thinking.

At the above is located at Level 1, 198 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. ‘About a Day (Diurnal Rhythms)’ opens on Friday November 22 from 6-9pm and continues on Saturday November 23 & Sunday November 24 from 12pm-6pm. You can find out more about Victoria Zschommler here and follow her on Instagram.