Meet Curated Cannabis Brand Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty is a cannabis brand based in LA, loved by locals for their pre-rolled joints. The potent product, rated highly for “revolutionary progress in the burn factor”, is matched with a glossy but refined aesthetic. Their campaign images—shot by photographers like David Brandon Geeting, Ryan Lowry, Cole Barash, and Molly Matalon—are reminiscent of fashion shoots or styled editorials. We caught up with Creative Director Irwin Tobias Matutina to find out more about the beautiful brand.

How was the idea for Pure Beauty born?
We wanted to create something that we ourselves would want to buy into and be a part of. We also just wanted to do something that would be fun for us to work on.

How did you all meet and come together to create Pure Beauty?
We all met in NYC and had known each other for years. Then we all eventually moved to Los Angeles. As we got older, being your our own boss seemed ideal and that only happens if you create the job yourself.

Is the name a reference to the late, great John Baldessari?
This is something to think about.

Your imagery goes against the stereotypes and cliches typically associated with ‘stoner culture’. Can you tell us a bit about your visual reference points for the brand?
The references can come from anywhere, but we like art, design, films, photography, fashion, subcultures, and drugs.

Is it correct that through this more high-end kind of imagery you want to open up the appeal of your product to a broad audience?
I think we want to appeal to everyone. We just don’t believe in dumbing things down for people. We want to be inclusive, but at the same time not pander to the lowest common denominator. We just want to put out what we think is good.

Do you find that you have a ‘typical’ consumer?
Ideally like-minded individuals that are nice.

You engage different creatives and photographers for your campaigns. How do you find them?
Most of the people we work with are friends or friends of friends. What are friends for right?

What’s currently on your mood board?
Is this a trick question?

You also make some amazing mixtapes. What’s currently on rotation in the Pure Beauty office?
Thank you. In the studio it’s always Pinchy Don’s recordings on dublab.
Ideal work and play music.

How is weed incorporated as part of your wellness routine?
To us, it’s a form of escape and stress relief from this brutal modern world lol.

You can follow Pure Beauty on Instagram and find out more about them here. Photography supplied by Pure Beauty and words by Really Well.