How to Make Your Home Calm & Comforting During Self-Isolation

A lot of us are finding ourselves spending more time than ever at home right now. While this concept is well and good in theory, it can feel restrictive and disruptive when these measures are placed upon us out of necessity rather than free-will.

Australian label IN BED offers thoughtful essentials for everyday life: their own range of luxurious linen sits alongside ceramics and bedside table essentials. We asked founder Pip Vassett, a former fashion director and stylist, for five tips on how you can curate your space to support your wellbeing during this turbulent time.⁣

As the world changes rapidly around us, how should we aim to make our homes feel?
However suits you best, but personally I’m trying to make our home feel calm, comforting and safe; like that warm embracing hug we’re all missing right now!⁣

How can we quickly transform our space without spending a million dollars?
Lighting and scent play a big part for me. Burn some essential oil, incense or a candle. Turn off or dim strong downlights and switch on a table or floor lamp instead. Think about being kind and gentle to yourself and your senses and do whatever feels intuitive and natural to you.

If we want to continue to support local businesses right now, what should we invest in for the home?
Anything that brings you a little joy. Things you need are important of course, but if you want to buy a little something that is totally unnecessary but makes you happy then that’s just as important.⁣

How can we keep our work-life boundaries alive while working from home?
Segment your spaces. Whether you’re in a five-bedroom house or a studio apartment, it’s important to try to have different zones and not to mix them in order to keep a level of sanity and separation.

What role should the bedroom play right now?
The bedroom should always feel like a sanctuary and that’s especially important right now. Don’t use your bed as a clothes pile, make your bed every morning, put a little lavender oil on your pillowslips at night, open the windows and let fresh air in. Do whatever makes the space feel calm and inviting.

You can follow IN BED on Instagram and find out more about them here. Photography by Tasha Tylee courtesy of IN BED and words by Really Well.