Cabinet of Curiosities: INPRINT’s Megha Kapoor

Cabinet of Curiosities is a new series from Really Well where we lift a lid on the wellness routines and favourite products of the people who inspire us.

After completing a law degree, Megha Kapoor moved into fashion. She cut her teeth working as Vogue Australia‘s Fashion Assistant, before moving to Oyster as Fashion Editor. In 2015 she founded her own print publication and platform, INPRINT. Through her magazine, as well has her ongoing freelance work in styling and consultation, Kapoor has established herself as a pre-eminent creative in Australia’s luxury fashion scene. She has worked with the industry’s most-loved local faces including Julia Nobis, Gemma Ward, and Nicole Trunfio – as well as Hailey Baldwin Bieber and Monica Bellucci overseas.

Hi, my name is… Megha Kapoor.

But all my friends call me… just Megha.

I live in… Sydney.

For work I… have a magazine called INPRINT, which we just launched online too. I also am a stylist.

For fun I… work! I love what I do, and realising it even more now. Right now fun is long walks, bath time, a glass of wine or martini in the evening, a good show, reading old magazines, the MoMA website (it’s fantastic), having a long chat, and swapping messages with friends and family. And of course, cooking and then eating that cooking.

My wellness philosophy is… you know what you need to do. I really just try to take cues from myself. There’s a lot of noise I find out there, especially on social media, and as someone that tends towards the anxious, I try my best–and I don’t always succeed–to really lean into the things I know make me feel good and find soothing. It can be as simple as getting fresh air and sunshine, stretching, letting myself rest, I love long baths and the ritual of potions and lotions. I can spend a lot of time very happily in the bathroom.

In my bathroom cabinet you’ll find… not much inside the cabinet as I have a habit of leaving everything out, much to my partner’s irritation. I get a lot of pleasure from the beautiful products I use at any given time. I’m not that great at ‘sticking to a routine’ and I find it a lot of fun to try something new and add and subtract to the morning and evening rituals. Right now on rotation it’s Santa Maria Novella Latte Doposole After Sun Lotion for the body. While it’s technically an after sun lotion, I love it as it’s quite light and moisturising and smells like holidays. Then Chanel L’Huile Orient Body Massage Oil at mainly at night.

I’m loving the new Ultimate Light-Renewing Exfoliating Lotion from Chanel’s Sublimage range morning and night, it’s fantastic, and I use the La Crème Lumière from the same range at night, which feels like a hug for your face. My skin feels a little dry at the moment so I’m incorporating the Camellia Repair Mask from Chanel’s Hydra Beauty range almost every second day for a moisture boost (sometimes to sleep in). I love the Ordinary too; I am using the Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% and the Salicylic Acid 2% Masque occasionally too.

On my bedside table you’ll find… a glass of water, hand cream (Chypress Luxury Hand Treatment Cream by Floris, which smells like a Mediterranean dream) and a candle (currently 2067AD by Maison Balzac).

The first thing I do every morning is… tea. I love the Ahmad Cardamom Tea, and since lockdown and taking my time in the morning I cut a few slices of fresh ginger into the pot and drink it with a splash of milk. It’s a lovely simple ode to the homemade (proper Indian) chai that mum makes.

And at night before bed I… I’m terrible at the whole sleep hygiene thing. I love falling asleep to the sound of a show playing on my laptop. I do generally have a nightly bath just before bed, which is heaven. I love playing around with different salt/oil combinations. Lately I’ve read about popping half a cup of baking soda in the bath, which is actually amazing! Makes the water feel effervescent and you feel so clean afterwards. A bit of lavender mixed with tea tree oil and some baking soda, I’m finding to be a very soothing combo.

The last book I read was… Three Women by Lisa Taddeo.

The last movie that moved me was… Parasite. I was late to the party and only saw it a couple of weeks ago. Wow! Brilliant film.

My favourite meal to cook is… gosh, this changes weekly. I love to cook and am terrible with a recipe. I like to play and experiment in the kitchen, my mum is an incredible cook so I often ask her how to make certain Indian dishes I’m hankering for. The other day I made a sambar which is a South Indian, more sourish in flavour dahl. Right now I’m really into breakfast (which is definitely a new thing for me during the week courtesy of lockdown) and brushing bread with really good quality olive oil and popping it on a griddle pan to eat with a rough salad of tomato and basil or a fried egg sunny side up.

On the weekend I always… even before lockdown as a freelancer weekends never meant that much by contrast to the weekdays. One of the joys and sometimes curses of working for yourself. When I have time and I love ‘pottering’ around the house, which pretty much means staying in your nightie half the day, drinking lots of tea and coffee, buying some fresh flowers (sometimes wearing said nightie), making food, doing a face mask, dry-brushing, and maybe having a wine at about 4pm.

Three wellness products I can’t live without are… scent is really important to me. One of my favourite daily rituals is a bath, after which – and sometimes also after my morning shower too – I like to use the Chanel L’Huile Orient Body Massage Oil. I’m obsessed with it. You can put a few drops in the bath, but I mainly like to give my skin a lovely massage with a few drops when my skin’s still damp. It’s pure heaven and contains frankincense extract, known for its soothing properties. It’s also ideal for the cooler months – you go to bed or spend the day smelling like a heady flower. I also love to dry brush; I try to do this daily before a bath or shower. It leaves your skin super soft and is said to have many health benefits, which I have no idea about to be honest but it feels great.

There’s no doubt Covid has affected my notion of what it means to be ‘clean’. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t dirty before! But I’ve completely been converted to soap and specifically a good anti-bacterial one (we’re using Protex right now). Soap is also great as you’re consuming less plastic, it lasts so much longer and it’s quite frankly more reliable than a lot of body washes and hand soaps that smell nice but don’t get you clean like this stuff. There’s something really satisfying about lathering up a bar of soap too… or I could just be tipping over into OCD territory.

I support my mind/body/spirit by… probably not enough if I’m being honest. It’s a process though and I’m getting better. There are the small things like relishing that tea in the morning, enjoying the sunshine, and trying to give yourself the permission to just be present sometimes. I always loved to have a trip planned, an adventure to look forward to or even a jaunt home to NZ for some family time and R&R. Recently I travelled to Sri Lanka and Fiji, which were magical experiences. Time to discover more of Australia perhaps; there’s so much in this country I haven’t seen or experienced, which is a really invigorating thought.

You can find out more about INPRINT here and follow the magazine, and Megha Kapoor, on Instagram. Photography by Megha Kapoor for Really Well and words by Ingrid Kesa.

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