Meet Gentle Hair Dos, A Most Calming & Elegant Instagram Account

Gentle Hair Dos is an Instagram account dedicated to “therapeutic hair styles”. Think softly tousled waves, plaits held in place with delicate ribbons, and the effortlessly chic low-slung ponytails that ’90s dreams are made of. We asked creator, Sydney based editor and writer Lindyl Crabb, to share a short essay on the ethos behind Gentle Hair Dos, as well as some of her inspiration images for hairstyles to try this winter.

Gentleness is a rare, earthly element on the table of virtues. While the virtue vernacular is well-versed in kindness, selflessness, and gratitude, gentleness is often forgotten.  Or perhaps the better word is underestimated. While the weight of not living up to the goodness and unruffledness of such traits pulls my shoulders further toward my ears, to be gentle is to embrace a simple thought, action or word softly and release it with trust and care.
A gentle hair do is gentleness embodied, however briefly, by the way hair naturally falls, the way it is styled or the way it is touched.  It can be fingers gathering a few stray strands, a creation that defies the hair’s natural structure, the way short hair contours the skin or an accessory that alludes to a thoughtful display of personal style. Anything can be gentle (gentleness doesn’t take time, practise or journaling, nor is it strictly aesthetic). But what draws me to hair dos as a source of gentleness is their natural origins, which creates an immediate human connection, and their tactility, which stirs a sensorial response in me that feels familiar, intimate, and soothing. I can imagine how it might feel, how heavy it might be, how it was manipulated by hand. All of those careful, considered movements, as well as the innate, off-guard moments.  
On a quite a simple level, imagery that documents gentle hair dos is easy and, yes, beautiful to look at. But the humanity, spontaneity, talent, and art that goes into these images can be so inspiring and celebratory, too. I hope it is a way of gently appreciating people from afar, of gently connecting with each other. I hope it becomes a way to share and spread gentleness. I hope that is gentle in itself.

You can follow Gentle Hair Dos on Instagram. Words and images curated by Gentle Hair Dos for Really Well.

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