Five At-Home Essentials with Stylist Emma Read

The last few months have seen many of us spending more time inside the home than ever before. The shift to an indoors existence has caused many disruptions to the rhythms and routines of daily life. We’ve had to adapt, from what we eat to what we wear. While sweatpants on repeat can seem tempting, there is a small but undeniable joy to getting dressed in the morning which can help to lift the mood and add purpose to the day. Better yet if our clothes can offer comfort in turbulent times. We asked Emma Read—a Sydney-based stylist, writer, and creative consultant—to share her at-home style saviours.

1. Men’s Sweatshirts

My wardrobe Holy Grail. I make a beeline for all men’s knits, sweatshirts, tees, you name it. The extra length and width allow for just the right amount of slouch (if you’ve previously stolen any of the aforementioned items from a partner, you know exactly what I’m referring to). Uniqlo, A.P.C, and Aries are on high rotation, and I generally round myself down a size.

2. A ‘House Dress’

It sounds quite old hat, the ‘House Dress’, but the beauty of this is that you’ve probably already got it. It’s that dress that’s a bit too sheer perhaps, a bit too casual for any sort of social affair—something you’d be fine with getting a bit sandy at the beach or making pasta sauce in, not caring for stains. She’s here for a good time, not a long time, right? I have a bit of a penchant for David Hamilton/Florence Nightingale-style French long sheer nightgowns, which fall into my ‘House Dress’ category. Marie Louise de Monterey designed my current favourite that I faff about the kitchen in.

3. Indulgent Socks

If you’re like me and forgo shoes at home, a deliciously soft sock is totally worth the extra spend. The Brother Vellies ‘Cloud Sock’ does exactly what it says on the tin—like walking on air in a heavenly cotton cloud. If you’re feeling extra fancy, Jac + Jack’s cashmere numbers are my new evening heel.

4. High-Waisted Underwear

Aren’t we all Zoom-ing sans pants? If it’s business on the top, I love a high-waisted brief on the bottom away from prying eyes (although I may have just blown my cover). Look for cotton or bamboo to kick about the house in. I’m a big fan of Baserange from MyChameleon.

5. Lived-In Denim

There’s no denying the total zero f*cks comfort of a sweatpant, but be warned: I’ve let them infiltrate my isolation wardrobe to the point where my 501s have taken on a Terminator-esque fit. I’m easing back into a stretchy straight or wide-leg jean, perfect to feel a bit more “dressed” (what is that again?) with zero effort. Nobody’s ‘Belle’ and Paige Denim’s ‘Anessa’ are my go-to’s.

You can find out more about Emma Read here and follow her on Instagram. Photo by Ingrid Kesa for Really Well.

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