Inside Foile, An Emerald Green Refillable Skincare Store

You’ll find Foile tucked down a Bondi backstreet. A local response to a global issue, Foile aims to reimagine the way we consume, experience and connect with skincare and beauty – an industry whose environmental impact is far from pretty. Worth an estimated $532 billion, the skincare and beauty industry leans heavily on plastic packaging, which can take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to break down in landfill. Foile is part of the shift towards a more sustainable future – and it has fun while doing it. 

The concept is based on refillable skincare, a movement slowly but surely gaining momentum. It’s simple: bring your empty bottles back and refill them with your favourite products. The roster of refillable brands currently include Foile Classics (their own in-house range of single-ingredient products), Leif and Lesse. Foile Friends are a tightly edited selection of like-minded brands (Noto, Sodashi, Maison Louis Marie and more) that are not yet refillable but are aligned with Foile’s ethos. If you purchase from these brands, you’re welcome to bring back empty packaging for Foile to recycle properly on-site using their TerraCycle system.

“Foile is about encouraging progression, expression and independent-thinking – empowering people to be in their groove and feel good in their skin,” says Su Tuttle, who founded Foile with business partner Alexandra Grima. The duo have solid credentials in the world of wellness; they’re also behind infrared sauna studio Nimbus Co

“We wanted to build a space that was experiential, immersive and playful,” Grima says of the inviting shop. “We wanted to really get to know our customers, hear their stories, encourage exploration and education around the types of products they use within their daily lives. We felt a physical store really fostered this sense of connection and community,” she explains. For them, Bondi was a no-brainer. The proximity to the ocean and laidback lifestyle lends itself perfectly to Foile’s at-ease and inclusive approach. 

“There have been some huge shifts over the past few years when it comes to sustainability in the skincare and beauty industry,” says Tuttle. “If we can all slowly learn together, that is where we will be able to make the biggest shift.

Foile is located at 1/1 Denham Street, Bondi. You can find out more here and follow them on Instagram. Photography by Brigette Clark.