Cabinet of Curiosities: Srna Vuckovic, Astrologer

Cabinet of Curiosities is a new series from Really Well where we lift a lid on the wellness routines and favourite products of the people who inspire us.

Srna Vuckovic attributes her Eastern European heritage to her interest in the spiritual world. She first started sharing her astrology reports on Tumblr years ago, then began writing for the store Mona Moore when she moved to LA. Now back in Australia, Srna has acquired a dedicated local following for her culturally clued-in take on astrology. This has seen her work featured in RUSSH and INPRINT – as well as a special zodiac-inspired homewares collection in collaboration with the designer Albus Lumen and artist Saskia Wilson.

Srna opened the doors of her home to share what makes her shine inside and out.

Hi my name is… Srna.

But all my friends call me… Srn or Ernie, and just recently Bernie.

I live in… Melbourne, Australia.

For work I… do astrology writings and readings, and ceramics.

For fun I… go to the beach rain, hail or shine with my dog and boyfriend! Or indulge in pasta, good wine, and great friends.

My wellness philosophy is… loving yourself, thinking good thoughts, hardly drinking alcohol, eating a mostly vegetarian diet, sun and sea!

In my bathroom cabinet you’ll find… my friend’s new skincare line Vivo that hasn’t launched yet but has been absolutely life-changing!

On my bedside table you’ll find… piles of books, crystals, fresh flowers and face cream.

The first thing I do every morning is… often have a celery juice and then walk my dog with coffee in hand.

And at night before bed I… do my skincare routine, followed by documentaries in bed with my boyfriend and a nightly gratitude prayer.

The last book I read was… And Their Children After Them by Nicolas Mathieu. I love to read and am part of a female book club, so we’ve always got lots circulating. I am currently reading Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

The last movie that moved me was… Parasite. LOVED!!!

My favourite meal to cook is… cacio e pepe or gnocchi with pumpkin sauce.

On the weekend I always… enjoy nature, look for shells by the beach, try new places to eat and drink, and sing in the car!

Three wellness products I can’t live without are… Ionic zinc tincture, Berringa manuka honey (tablespoon or two a day), and an LED face mask I bought online!

I support my mind/body/spirit by… practicing gratitude, eating a gluten-free diet (new coeliac over here) and drinking plenty of lemon water. All in all I try to be consistent with my growth. We are all human and make mistakes and I am in no competition or race, I just want to be better than I was yesterday. 

You can find out more about Srna Vuckovic here and follow her on Instagram. Photography by Srna Vuckovic for Really Well.

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