Accoutrements For Wellness: Baina Towels

Finding opportunities for self-care and ceremony during the course of everyday life can help us elevate moments that might otherwise pass us by into something special. The daily task of bathing provides the perfect window for quiet connection to oneself – the towel acting as a tactical reminder to slow down and savour a slither of time alone. It’s a line of thought embodied by Baina, the antipodean towel brand artfully balancing luxury and sustainability all while bringing a pop of colour to the bathroom space.

Founders and longtime friends Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey have backgrounds working in fashion, an industry notorious for waste due to pressures to keep up with increasingly high seasonal demands. They were attracted to the slower production pace and life cycle of products afforded by the homewares category. Although living in different cities and following different paths over the course of a decade, Bailey and Anna eventually found themselves working together in Melbourne at furniture retailer Jardan – and the idea for a design-driven, consciously created towel brand was born. 

“Baina is a culmination of not only shared ideas but also a vision to produce with integrity,” they explain. Ethical and environmental responsibilities are front of mind, so all of their towels are woven in GOTS certified organic cotton by European mills. Launching with a concise edit of hand, bath and pool towels, they’ve also been aware of the size of the initial collection, ensuring it was refined as possible to avoid overproduction.

A portmanteau of its founders’ names, Baina’s design references are rooted in art and architecture. Anna was drawn to the curves found in modern and mid-century architecture and design, so creating texture and curvature through the use of rib spoke to her. Meanwhile, Bailey looked to the feeling of tiles and the idea of creating a towel that responded to its surroundings. “Between these two very different elements we thoughtfully played with texture, colour and graphics to build the personality of Baina,” Bailey says.

The resulting range of towels aim to spark joy in the everyday act of bathing. “Bathing is the moment in your day where you can really connect with self, breathe, restore and find calm. It’s such a personal time; we simply want to bring awareness to this moment of true solitude,” Anna tells Really Well. “Baina encourages you to extend that moment by being present in the transition, whether it’s getting ready in the morning or winding down for bed.”

You can follow Baina on Instagram and find out more here. Photography by Greta van der Star courtesy of Baina and words by Ingrid Kesa.